It is with great pleasure that we welcome FLAXTA to our portfolio – a brand founded in 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden, by a group of passionate product developers, designers and marketing specialists. Their mission is to drive innovation in the field of sports protection and revolutionize standards in terms of safety, style, and performance.

From helmets, goggles and back protectors for skiers and snowboarders to shin guards and headbands for football players, FLAXTA has strategically and stylishly transformed Sporting goods industry. The brand has garnered recognition through its continuous pursuit of new materials, solutions, and features to enhance the level of safety for its users. FLAXTA stands out by developing award-winning products that not only provide the highest level of protection but also represent innovative solutions for athletes worldwide.

The small yet experienced team at FLAXTA takes pride in their extensive know-how in the sports equipment industry and collaboration with globally renowned brands. With expertise in protection gear, materials, safety standards, design, distribution, and marketing, they have a clear vision: to collectively build something significant.

“The partnership with FLAXTA not only marks the entry of an extremely innovative brand into our portfolio, but also an alliance of passion and expertise. We are delighted to be able to promote the innovative products and strengthen the FLAXTA brand,” emphasizes Pirmin Oklé, owner of 360 brand connection.