Hej Houdini Sportswear!

We are proud to add Houdini Sportswear to our client portfolio! We are extremely excited about the upcoming PR and influencer marketing collaboration.

Houdini is a Swedish outdoor brand at the forefront of sustainable performance design, selling functional garments from underwear to shell layers.

Maximum experience, zero impact and beyond. Houdini is a Swedish outdoor brand founded in 1993. The brand wants to help people experience more, perform better, and have more fun without leaving any impact on the environment.

Houdini makes products for curious people with big hearts who love this planet and therefore want to help protect it. When Houdini designs its products, sustainability and functionality always go hand-in-hand. Neither is of any value without considering the other.

A substantial part of the products has been transformed from a linear to a circular lifespan. This means most of the products can be recycled and remade through a closed-loop recycling system. To extend product lifetime further and offer alternative ways of consumption, Houdini also offers clothing rental, secondhand sales, and repair services.

When Houdini thinks about the future, the brand wants to do more. Houdini Sportswear wants to be a positive and regenerative force. That is the “beyond” and they are heading there as fast as possible.

“With full commitment and a pinch of curiosity we will start the cooperation with Houdini Sportswear to increase the brand awareness as successfully as possible and to be able to make an important contribution to our environment”, says Pirmin Oklé owner & consultant 360 brand connection.