Blog Kästle

We are very pleased to be supporting Kästle Ski again after 10 years in their PR work. As one of the most traditional companies in the industry, the Austrian ski manufacturer has been shaping the market from an early stage.

In 1924, Anton Kästle built his first pair of skis at his wainwright workshop in Hohenems, Austria, and inso doing, started o a unique success story. Over the following decades, Toni Sailer, Pirmin Zurbriggen, Tom Stiansen and countless other skiing legends would represent Kästle, in total winning 133 Olympic and World Championship medals and creating a worldwide following along the way… until, in 1998, Kästle suddenly vanished from the market. 

In 2007, the brand was back on track and again setting standards for the whole industry: taking construction technologies from ski racing, applying them to all- mountain skis and developing the revolutionary HOLLOWTECH technology. 

The company’s tendency to set new benchmarks continues with an impressive comeback onto the Alpine World Cup in 2019, and representation in the cross- country and ski jumping disciplines at the Nordic World Championships. Its visionary ideas are transformed into innovative new products both at its headquarters in Hohenems, Austria, and at the hub of cross-country skiing, Nové Město na Moravě, in the Czech Republic. 

We are very much looking forward to working together: “It is great to have Kästle back in the brand portfolio and to expand our winter sports segment”, explains agency owner Pirmin Oklé.