Blog Baabuk

We are very excited about our new customer BAABUK and the upcoming collaboration. BAABUK makes sustainable shoes and accessories all from wool. It is Baabuk’s mission to look beyond environmental concerns to society and human health.

In 2013, Galina and Dan achieved their dream of creating a shoe that combines tradition and modernity, trend and originality. Inspired by nature and ancient traditions of shoe making we learnt how to make 100% felted wool shoes. The first pair of BAABUK slippers came to life after a lot of hard work and commitment. The brand was born with the first model of wool slippers. Full of ideas they then came up with a sneaker made of wool as well. Their third project was the BAABUK Unisex Wool Boot. 
As a family business, BAABUK has control over their entire manufacturing and distribution process. This means it’s their responsibility to run the business with high ethical standards – and that’s exactly what they do.
 The entire 360 brand connection team is excited to be working with this unique and sustainable brand and looks forward to the future with excitement!